Company Profile About Us

Both Global Print Management Limited and Admail 4 Print are members of the Westex Group, a London based distribution and mailing operation. Both businesses are based at Sevenoaks in Kent, where Admail acts as Global's in-house printing operation and Admail also has it's own customer base..

Sevenoaks in also the hub of the warehousing and distribution operation that makes it possible for Global to supply to it's customers in such a timely way.

In excess of 4 million UK Landing Cards are always held in stock, and many clients other products baggage tags, boarding cards etc are also stored here for call off.

Many of our clients rely on us to manage their stock here rather than store in expensive stock rooms at airports, and our delivery vehicles deliver to many UK airports, and also deliver overseas customers orders to cargo centresfor shipment as service cargo to all parts of the globe including Australia, Asia, the Middle East and the US. Many European customers also receive deliveries by our own transport, especially to France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.