Company Profile Environmental practices

Our environmental programme also promotes internal environmental best practice. Key areas include:


  • Our warehouses and offices currently recycle the majority of office and waste including paper, can, cups, printer cartridges and IT equipment. This has reduced waste going to landfill.
  • We recycle card and paper and push this back into the supply chain on a weekly basis.
  • We source sustainable supplies and use recycled paper throughout our operations and for printing of literature.
  • Using our new on site crushing and mashing machines we have significantly reduced our waste landfill tonnage.

Energy Saving:

  • We have implemented a 'Switch Off' campaign which ensures equipment is switched off when not being used.
  • We display Government Energy Savings posters at all of our warehouses and sites which identify steps that can be taken within an office environment to reduce energy and general waste.
  • All computers are set to hibernate after a fixed time of non-activity and switched off overnight.
  • We ensure that all I.T equipment carriers the Energy Star logo which generally use 20- 30% less energy than required standards.
  • All I.T redundant equipment is recycled or disposed of by a recycler registered with the Environment Agency.
  • We receive a WEEE certificate for disposed equipment.


  • Whenever possible we source products from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly suppliers.